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weekly inspiration

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Inspiration: Week of December 19, 2011

This week's collection of thought-provoking items from the world of creative communications.

Cowbird montage

"A public library of human experience." Great concept, with an immersive user interface that's designed to stay out of the way of the story. I'm interested in following the evolution of this project as more sagas are added.

A List Apart Magazine
"Explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices." Bookmarked and referenced by web communicators the world over.

A digital publishing platform for easy creation of digital editions. I'm eager to see how mobile development progresses.

Sound sharing platform for aural communicators. Highly social and mobile friendly. Its bright, friendly user interface invites endless exploration. For podcasters and music geeks alike.

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Inspiration: Week of December 12, 2011

Our weekly round-up continues with more bits of inspiration from the creative world.

A History of Western Typefaces. (Thanks to Julio Ahumada for sharing this link)

Custom Inspector Stamps
Always leave your brand behind, even if you're out of business cards.
(via Communication Arts News)

Mast Brothers Chocolate
Commitment to craft. Commitment to pursuing passions. (via This Good World)

Life of George
I'm intrigued by "exploring the interface between technology and reality". I gotta show this to my LEGO-infatuated son.
(via Communication Arts News and FutureLab)

The Worthy Suitor
Great photography, sharp products. Plus, Steve McQueen checking out an open-wheel race car will always be cool.
(via Joe Stocker of Son of the Sun)

So much musical art, enveloped in great visual art. Why not get it all on the wall?
(via Visual News)

Color palette and pattern inspiration.
(via Imprint)

Omni Group: OmniFocus (Desktop app / iPhone app) and OmniOutliner
Simple-to-use productivity applications with well-designed user interfaces, packed with power when you need to go deep.

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Weekly Inspiration

Here's this week's list of bits and bobs from the world of design, in its many forms, that we've found inspirational, useful, or just plain cool.

Flipboard | Apple's iPad app of the year comes to the iPhone

Google Web Fonts | Free, open-source fonts optimized for the web; More creative possibilities for web developers

The Alphabet | A nice video diversion for fans of type (this one's for you Mike G ;)

Sugru | Everyone needs a good life hack

Armstrong | What can I say? I'm tackling a new kitchen floor project, and Armstrong's website is making it more enjoyable

SomeOne. | London-based design firm; Refreshing an already-attractive brand belonging to a Premier League club known for its attractive brand of football

What's inspired you this week?