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Inspiration: Week of March 26, 2012

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Photo of Jonathan Ives (Image source:

Ive on Innovation
Apple's Jonathan Ive keeps a low profile. But when he opens up, people listen. Here's what the Head Designer has to say about innovation.

Good News for Web Content Creators
Google's next algorithm update continues to favor great content that keeps the reader in mind first, and search engines second.

Technology Advances for Event Marketers
Live events are a form of content. And just like with other forms of content, live event promotion has gone high-tech. But more importantly, it's also highly measurable.

Brand and Customer Service
Always nice to see the Wegmans brand mentioned in the same context as Apple, Four Seasons, et al.

Newsweek's 'Mad Men' Issue
Newsweek's throwback design marks the return of 'Mad Men'. My favorite ads: Mercedes and Triumph.