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Old Tech

I've spent the better part of today sorting through all our old software and just tossing stuff out. Two giant bags full of boxes, floppy discs, CD-ROMs and documentation are waiting for me at the door to be taken to the dumpster on my way out.

It felt a little wrong. The company invested so much money for this stuff back in the day. But, it's not worth the paper or plastic it's printed on now—things like fonts on floppies and QuarkXPress. We even had software that ran on Mac OS 7! Yeah, no kidding.

Well, even though I felt like I was throwing away money, it was good to make room for the new. And, it was nice to reminisce a bit. (I loved you PageMaker! You were my first DTP steady.)

As I went through everything I was stuck by how long we've been doing this—over 43 years! That's a lot of good work and a lot of great clients. Not to mention a lot of tech to come and go, too.

I'm grateful for our past and I'm excited about tomorrow.